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Currently, this company has the ability to package tar in the following packaging types:


✓ Steel barrel (with a scale of 100 to 210 kg): Metal steel barrels are widely used as the main method of tar packaging. Metal barrels have been the most common type of packaging in the past 15 years.


✓ Poly bags: Poly bags have special advantages for packaging and exporting tar. Some of these advantages can be mentioned as low packaging cost, light weight of packages, and ease of transportation of bags.


✓ Bitumen carriers: Bitumen carriers are essentially containers used for transporting large amounts of cold tar. They can be heated using various heating systems, including thermal oil or electric solutions, before being used at the final destination. Bitumen carriers are suitable for storing and transporting road construction tar. The net weight capacity of each bitumen carrier is 22 tons, so higher capacity carriers help reduce transportation costs per metric ton.


✓ Pallets: The black gold trade development company has the ability to palletize barrels upon customer request. However, it should be noted that in this case, the capacity of each container is only 80 barrels.