60/70 Penetration Grade Prices

20 July 2024

A Leading Bitumen Producer 

Across Middle East 

Black Gold as the biggest non-govermental producer of Bitumen in Iran with the capacity of production reaching 1,000,000 MT / year has a wide distribution network with local distributors reaching all regions of Iran.

The specification of the products that we market today are Bitumen 60/70 types that is tailored to meet the needs and conditions of World’s tropical climate. The product has been recognized and recommended by the main industry players as a reference in the world

Bitumen products are available in bulk packaging using vessels or tank cars, Jumbo bags and 120 Kg drum packaging.


Why Black Gold ?

According to the existing technical and economic advantages, Black Gold has more than half of the share of the domestic market, and with 2 export terminals and the ability to store more than 160 thousand tons, it has a significant share of Iran’s bitumen export market. also has the appropriate and strategic geographic distribution of its refineries has made it possible to export the company’s products from different borders of the country.

Black Gold is known as a committed producer of bitumen with more than 20 years of experience. Since our mission is to assist our customers to have the best purchasing experience, we publish weekly market analyses for our clients to help them buy at the best time and condition. We will accompany you from the moment you place an order until you receive it to ensure you have a safe, prompt, and without any issue journey.


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