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Black Gold Trading Development Company started its activities in 2013 in the field of production and export of various types of bitumen. With the reliance on domestic experiences and capabilities, it has played an effective role in job creation and earning foreign currency. This company, with suitable infrastructures including a factory in Isfahan with an area of over 65,000 square meters, has a daily production capacity of 3,000 tons of bitumen and storage of vacuum bottom and bulk bitumen exceeding 10,000 tons. It also has 3 modern drumming lines with a production capacity of 15,000 drums per day, 4 packaging areas with a daily packaging capacity of 1,500 tons of bitumen, and a professional and experienced production and execution team, making it one of the largest bitumen producers in the Middle East.

Currently, this complex has a production license for producing 250,000 tons of bitumen per year, including 15 products such as bitumen 60/70, bitumen 85/100, bitumen 100/120, bitumen R 15/90, etc. With the implementation of phase 4 development plan, it will have double the capacity and capability to produce the mentioned products.

Principles and Values:

- Commitment to obligations

- Observance of win-win relationships

- Respect for the environment

- Providing products with the best quality

- Customer satisfaction and customer orientation

-Cultivating and preserving efficient human capital.


The focus of this company on management, quality, and fast delivery time has attracted reputable international customers. So that the production and export volume in the past years has reached more than 500,000 tons to Asian countries and Africa. With its capabilities, this company can have a more effective role in the domestic market and increase its domestic sales capacity

Awards, Honors, and Certificates:

✓ This company has been awarded the title of the best exporter in Isfahan province in 1399, 1400, and 1401.

✓ Obtaining technical certificate for Grade B from the Research Center for Roads, Housing, and Urban Development.

✓ Active member of the Iranian Association of Exporters of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Products.

✓ Active member of the Iranian Bitumen Association.

✓ Membership in the Employers' Guild Association of Isfahan Bitumen Industries and Packaging of Petroleum Products.

Human Resources:

130 people directly and 1000 people indirectly work in this company. With the implementation of the fourth phase of the development plan, the company's employment capacity will double and it will be able to create jobs for more than two hundred people directly and two thousand people indirectly.